About this Blog

Welcome friends and partners! This blog is dedicated to providing information on the latest developments in our organization, and the work that we do.

Our Work

PAFID receives support from a number of partners to implement its activities in the Pilippines as well as other countries. To date PAFID has implemented numerous community development projects which has addressed community defined needs which include Land Tenure Security, Ancestral Domain Management Planning, Community Organizing and Strengthening, Helath and Literacy and Participatory Mapping to name a few. Below is a list of its current projects, the partners who have given generous support and the communities which we serve.
Current Projects

1.            National Land Tenure Program for Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines (NLTP)
2.            Improving the living conditions of the population of ten (10) indigenous communities in the region of Caraga, Philippines, through the recovery of their ancestral domain rights, promotion of their culture, and improving the access to potable water